Tax-forfeited lands up for sale July 17

If you’re interested in buying some land in Mille Lacs County, there’s quite a bit of tax-forfeited land for sale on July 17 at the courthouse in Milaca.

County commissioners passed a resolution at their May 21 meeting to approved a list of such land for that sale at 10 a.m.

Auditor-Treasurer Phil Thompson was asked by a commissioner if the sale amounts listed were amounts that had to be strictly followed.

Thompson answered that they were, that the parcels could not be sold for less than the minimum bid amount.

Those amounts were established by review of appraisals, land sale trends, existing property conditions, cost of re-establishing Torrens certificates, access issues, pending special assessments, and other miscellaneous factors.

There are 92 parcels on the list which is available at the auditor-treasurer’s office in the courthouse. You can get more information on the county’s website at, or by calling 320-983-8301.

The majority of the parcels – 65 of them – are available at the Port Mille Lacs development in Kathio Township.

Most of the available land is in the northern part of the county.

But some of the more expensive ones are in or near Princeton.

Six of them are in the Meadow View Estates 1st Addition, all at the price of $4,700.

There are three lots available in the older part of Princeton. The minimum for one in the Original Townsite is $17,200, one in Damon’s Addition is listed at $25,200, and one in Cater’s Second Addition is listed at $30,000.

There is also one in the Sharco Estates development in Princeton listed at $22,450.

There is one lot in Foreston, three in Isle, one in Onamia, two in Wahkon, four in East Side Township, three in South Harbor Township in the Izatys development, and one each in the townships of Lewis, Onamia and Bradbury.