Rock Pile Range set to open

Rob Droogsma admits that on his best days he’s a pretty average golfer.

But, he likes to play and he and his wife Ali (Zimmer) have come up with a way for area golfers to improve their game.

Rock Pile Range is scheduled to open Saturday, May 18. Golfers can improve their driving skills at the range, which is located on the east side of Central Avenue, just across from Stones Throw Golf Course.

The range has markings at 100, 150, 200 and 250 yards.

“I think the driving range is something that can help golfers at every level, from those just starting out all the way to those who are very good,” said Rob, a 2001 Milaca graduate. “It’s a good way to work on your swing, relax or even take out some frustration after a hard day.

“I put down sod last week and it is starting to root in nicely, along with the seed we planted. We feel the range will be a boost to the community.”

Tokens for golf balls to use at the range will be available at Stones Throw. The tokens can then be used at a dispenser in a building at Rock Pile Range. For $5 golfers will receive a bucket of around 45 balls.

“We’re also planning to do some larger quantity discounts or punch cards but we haven’t finalized that,” said Droogsma, who owns Droogsma Construction. “Until Saturday, May 18, the tokens will be on sale at Stones Throw where if you buy four, you get one free.

“I would also like to do a couple days this summer where a parent can get a bucket of balls free for his or her child with the purchase of a token by the parent. We also plan to try to work with the Milaca High Schools teams.”

Milaca coaches Doug Reetz and Heather Hoeck have said the range will be a big boost to their programs.

Rock Pile Range is not affiliated with Stones Throw and Droogsma cautions golfers that it is illegal to drive golf carts on Central Avenue.