School to beef up security

Plans are underway to remodel entrances to Milaca school buildings so that there is more security.

The remodeling would take place this summer and be in place when school begins in the fall.

Superintendent Jerry Hansen talked with Milaca School Board members about the plans at the board’s April 16 meeting.

Formal drawings and quotes will be available by either the board’s May or June meeting, Hansen said Monday.

Discussions about increased security have been held among board members, principals and staff members since the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., last December.

When the remodeling is complete, entrances to both the high school/district office and elementary school will keep people from entering until they are buzzed in from the inside.

At the high school/district office entrance a new door will we created and that door will be the only one by which entrance can be gained when school is in session.

As is the case now, there will be a greeter and visitors will be given a visitor badge, as they are now.

They will then be buzzed into the school from inside the district office.

At the elementary entrance there will be more of a lobby or waiting area and visitors will be not be able to enter the school until they are checked in.

There will be additional security cameras at both sites.

Hansen said Monday there is no estimate yet of the cost for the new entrances.