Power Team leaves its mark

Members of the Power Team demonstrate their strength.
Members of the Power Team demonstrate their strength.

Blowing up a hot water bottle like a balloon. Running through a wall of ice. Breaking a baseball bat with your hands. Bending a horseshoe. These are just a few of the feats of strength The Power Team uses to communicate their message of faith and positive life choices.

The Power Team is a faith-based, motivational speaking group that is based out of Dallas, Texas. The team is made up of a group of athletes that travels to schools and churches throughout the country and across the globe. It recently performed in the Milaca community where members spoke and demonstrated their incredible strength at a school assembly for Milaca students March 21. Nightly rallies were also held in the Milaca High School gym March 21-24.

Response to The Power Team and its message was overwhelming as the team performed in front of a full gym every night. Team member Bonzai commented that he was really impressed how such a small community was able to come together and go out of its way to make all the members of The Power Team feel well taken care of.

“Everything went so smoothly and that really says a lot about your community,” he said.

The event was sponsored by churches from Milaca and Princeton.