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Posted: 8/18/06

County fair dampened by rain, still enjoyed by all

Princeton Union-Eagle

Approximately 25,000 people attended the four-day Mille Lacs County Fair that ended Sunday at the fairgrounds in Princeton.

That's about 1,000 fewer than last year, said Mille Lacs County Agricultural Society secretary Judy Gerth on Monday.

Rain likely dampened attendance on Sunday when it rained much of the day.

The rain first appeared Saturday night, cancelling the last feature of the demo derby. But by then, the extravaganza of motor vehicles smashing into each other was about 95 percent complete. The stands were packed for the event.

The country-style Chace Roberts band was only 90 minutes into its show that had been scheduled for four hours when it stopped at 9:30 p.m. due to the weather.

Then on Sunday the 200-lap stock car enduro was canceled due to rain. The draft horse pull was also cancelled after the ground was found to be too slick.

Eight or nine teams were signed up for the draft horse pull.

Sunday's rain also hurt attendance at the Stipe Shows midway.

The fair was otherwise blessed with good weather and the much-needed rain was greeted warmly by many.

Judy Gerth and her husband Gene were upbeat about how the fair went this year. Gene oversees the fair as one of the members of the agricultural society, also known as the fair board.

"I think it was good," said Judy. "All the people I talked to, whether it was the commercial people or the outside food vendors, they were happy."

The North Central Pork Producers Association, which has a grilled pork chop concession, sold 3,300 of the chops at the fair.

The children's pedal tractor pull had 103 entrants this year, one of the highest participations for that event.

The open class exhibit area had 300 to 400 more exhibits than last year and totaled about 2,000, according to fair board member Dick Jackson.

Judy Gerth, who enjoys the exhibits, said she noticed a lot of new exhibitors this year. There could have been even more but some who called to ask about registration did so too late, she said.

When she was asked about whether she saw the purple cauliflower that won a top prize, she said that it's exhibitors who get into the spirit of exhibiting who make the fair fun.

Many exhibitors take pride in doing well in the judging, she said.

One of the areas of open class attracting more entries in recent years is photography, with many divisions to enter in. That has also been the trend in the 4-H exhibit building.

The open class exhibits building is getting crowded, admitted the Gerths. Gene said he was going to experiment with some tables by building more than one display level.

Here are the results of three of the fair events the amateur talent contest, the fiddle contest and the tractor pull.

Talent contest

Elizabeth Saby, Milaca, won the pre-teen division with her vocal, "Tomorrow." Second was Beth Moller, Princeton, with two violin solos.

Katya Redina, Oak Park, won the teen division with her dance to "LoVila Na Gubi." Second was the duo, Elizabeth Vassar and Tess Marks, singing "My Heart Will Go On."

Kathrynne Buckmaster, Isle, won the open division with her vocal of "Break Down Here." Courtney Paulson, Princeton, was second with her hip-hop dance to "Wait a Minute."

Fiddle contest

First-timer division Nicole Larson, Otsego, first; Danielle Vetsch, Montrose, second; and Beth Moller, Princeton, third.

Pre-teen Aria Stiles, Apple Valley, first; Maddy Brown, Brookston, second; and Hayden Gutlovics, Milaca, third.

Teen Lizzie Aleckson, Upsala, first; and Shaneece Holland, Sartell, second.

Adult Tom Weisgurber, St. Peter, first; and Elliot Epple, Foley, second.

Senior Cheryl Weisgurber, second.

Tractor pull

3750 lb. farm stock

Dwayne Koch, Princeton, first; Bob Olson, St. Francis, second; and Mark Kramer, Watkins, third.

4,500 lb. antique

Charlie Lentner, Foley, first; Josh Wilhelm, Milaca, second; and Eric Jacobson, Oak Park, third.

5,500 lb. farm stock

Ben Kohnen, Buffalo, first; Jeff Moos, Milaca, second; and Jason Holmstrom, Harris, third.

5,500 lb. hobby stock

Kohnen, first and Dave Schmid, Elk River, second.

6,500 lb. antique

John Garding, Southhaven, first; Leroy Jacobson, Oak Park, second; and Brian Jacobson, Oak Park, third.

7,000 lb. farm stock

Logan Roadstrom, Princeton, first; Kohnen, second; and Wilhelm, Milaca, third.

7,000 lb. hobby stock

Mike Messer, Zimmerman, first.

9,000 lb. farm stock

Andy Garding, South Haven, first; Troy Downing, Braham, second; and Kohnen, third.

9,500 lb. turbo stock

George Weidendorf, Mora, first; Jake Jones, Ogilvie, second; and Josh Jones, Ogilvie, third.

11,000 lb. hobby stock

Randy Lefebvre, Elk River, first; Besser Farms, Mora, second; and Bill Dillon, Anoka, third.

12,000 lb. farm stock

Josh Graudal, Rush City, first; Kohnen, second; and Joe Lakeberg, Rush City, third.

12,000 lb. hot farm

Chad Klatt, Buffalo, first.

15,000 lb. farm stock

Kenny Wicklund, Grantsburg, Wis., first; Matt Conway, Braham, second; and Mike Ratka, Foley, third.

18,000 lb. farm stock

Brian Besser, Mora, first; Swanson, second; and Brian Hoeft, Milaca, third.

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