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Posted: 4/7/04

Strange, scary but true stories from the DNR

Following are true incidents reported by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

What a waste

Officer Keith Backer (Blackduck) investigated a complaint of wasted deer; two deer had been tossed out in road ditch. Indications are the deer had been shot last fall, field dressed, and skin removed. A rope left tied to both deer indicated they had been hung up over the winter and never butchered.

Alcohol and snowmobiles don't mix

Conservation Officer Dan Starr (Tower) worked snowmobile activity with county deputies: speed and alcohol issues were addressed. One sled almost hit CO Starr. After stopping the individual the man admitted that alcohol can cause problems when operating a snowmobile. It can sure hurt the pocketbook too! Especially a fine of $112.

Netting a hefty fine

CO Kurt Nelson (Glenwood) and CO Tony (Morris) Anderson worked on a case where two anglers were 35 sunfish over-limit, netting fines totaling $956.

An act of kindness

Officer Rich Hansen (Lake Superior Marine Unit) reports a dog broke through the ice on the French River. The dog never resurfaced and was lost. The owner, who was very attached to the dog, returned every day in hopes of recovering the dog's body. One of the regular fishermen became so moved by seeing how upset the owner was he contacted a friend who had scuba gear. The friend volunteered to search under the water and recovered the dog's body. This story illustrates two points: ice is never safe and the quality of people who fish on the north shore and dive the waters of Lake Superior.

Surprise, surprise

CO Chad Sherack (Pequot Lakes) encountered an angler who had an over-limit of sunfish that he frantically dumped into the auger hole. The angler attempted to hide the fish and then exited the portable to show his license. Unfortunately for the angler, many sunfish were already dead and were floating in the hole, ready to be counted.

Prairie chicken chases cars

CO Stuart Bensen (Erskine) received a call about a prairie chicken chasing cars on US Highway 59. A patrol of the area found just that. The prairie chicken did not appear to be selective in his pursuit of traffic as it chased vehicles from compact cars to commercial vehicles. Unsure what the prairie chicken would have done had it caught a car.

Not the brightest light

CO Scott Staples ((Carlton) reports one fish house left on the lake past the deadline. The registration sticker had been removed and the house had been set on fire. Unfortunately for the owner, the part of the house that did not burn still had the name and address of the owner on it. Enforcement action was taken for leaving the house on the lake past the deadline.

Wolf call

Chief Pilot Mike Trenholm conducted a helicopter telemetry flight over Camp Ripley. Camp Ripley had recently captured and put radio collars on seven wolves and two of the collars were already in mortality mode. The helicopter was needed to pinpoint the exact locations of the collars as they were in the artillery impact areas of the military reservation where personnel are not allowed to travel due to the dangerous presence of live and dud explosive ordinance.

Fishing trip turns costly for Michigan residents

As a result of a TIP call, Officer Gary Sommers (Cass Lake) and Office Neil Freborg made a contact which resulted in two individuals from Michigan being issued summons for a perch overlimit resulting in fines and restitution totaling $1,000 each. A week later three more individuals from Michigan were also caught with an overlimit of perch on Winnie. That's $5,000 in fines and restitution over a seven-day period on Lake Winnie.

These lucky charms weren't magically delicious

Officer Tim Gray (Blackduck) reports being nipped on the leg by a dog that was guarding crappie, stepping in open fish holes, and having an angler feeling the need to show the officer his "lucky" Lucky Charms boxer shorts, which were not that lucky.

Spring clean up?

CO Brad Schultz (Center City) worked on the annual spring clean up dumping in the Carlos Avery WMA. Some of this year's early award winners include a complete mattress and box spring set, and two billy, one nanny, and three goat kids that apparently had outlasted their charm. Officer Schultz also noted that with the warm weather animal movement, the opossum are leading the raccoon at approximately a 2:1 ratio in failed road crossing attempts.

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