When I turn 50: 'I'll be a hunter and make 20 quarters'
Posted 2/27/02

Mille Lacs County Times

Students in Lora Dagel's kindergarten class recently celebrated their 50th day of school this year (kindergartners go to school all day, every other day).

Part of that celebration included drawing a picture of what they thought they would look like at 50 years old and what their life would be like when they're 50.

They had such delightful thoughts, we wanted to share them with our readers. It would be interesting to see if any of their predictions come true.

Joey McLeod - "I'll be married, but no kids. I will work at the Milaca school and teach 3rd grade. I will live in a colorful house. I will drive a yellow car. I will have gray and white hair - not bald. Four days after I turn 50, I'll go bald."

Katie McDonald - "I'll be a cop. I'll make lots of money, like 100 bucks! I'll be married. My husband will be Curt. My husband will work at K-Mart. He'll make 100 bucks too. 3 kids. We'll live in Arizona."

Austin Larson - "I will be married to somebody. I know her, but I don't know her name. I might have to live in Milaca and work on cars."

Jonah Gray - "I would be a cop. I would live in Pease. I wouldn't be married. I wouldn't have kids."

Tony Kruse - "I'll be hauling gas. I will make 6 million bucks. I won't be married...'cause I'll stink like gas."

Shelby Broda - "My job will be hauling gas. I could use a partner like you, Tony. I'll be married and have six kids. I'll make 100 bucks. I'll be rich!"

Danny Dols - "I don't want to get married and have kids. My job will be in Monticello where my grandma works. I'll live in Monticello and drive my grandma's car when she dies (it's white)."

Michael Warren - "My job will be trucking. I will probably be married with two kids. We will live in Milaca in a white house."

Danny Benolken - "I will be a construction worker. I will live in Duluth. I won't be married."

Orianna Scherer-Wojahn - "I'll have a barbershop. I'll be married with five kids. I'll live at Mille Lacs Lake."

Jordon Foote - "I would be a fireman. I would live in St. Cloud. I would be married. I would have five kids."

Damien Banken - "I'll be a hunter. I'll make 20 quarters. I'll be married. My wife's name will be Nicky. I think we'll have four kids. We will live in ÎCitiapolis,' but I'll come back to visit Mrs. Dagel."

Luke Roehl - "I would be a carpenter. I would live in Milaca. I wouldn't be married. I wouldn't have kids."

Justina Sorenson - "I'll be a teacher. I won't be married. I'll live in Milaca and teach with Mrs. Dagel."

Kali Jones - "I'll be a kindergarten teacher at Milaca. I'll teach with Mrs. Dagel. I'll be married with five kids. My husband will work at the doctor."

Spencer Slade - "I'll be a deer hunter. I'll make lots of money. I'll be married. We'll have three kids. I think I'll live in Milaca."

Mathew Dols - "I'm going to get married when I'm 50. I don't know who yet. If I have 100 kids...I'm going to move where nobody has kids. No schools, only one bus to drop me off where there are no houses, just my house. I'm going to be a firefighter and a race car driver. I'm going to wear red shoes."

Nic Noel - "I will be married to someone named Sadie. We will have five kids: McKayla, Austin, Danny, Michael and Tony. I will build houses in Florida. I'll be cool with blue hair. I'll drive a car with fire on the sides, but no hot stuff."

Ashley Haukos - "I think I'll be married. I'll be a teacher in Milaca. I'll have a baby named Kali. My kids: Katy (8), Danny (9) and my dog, Jack."

Jessica Clyde - "I'm going to be a kindergarten teacher. I want to teach in Milaca. I'll be married and have six kids."

Tylor Poganski - "I'll be a construction worker. I will live in Princeton. I won't be married."

Emily Rohweder - "I will be married. I think I'll have kids. I will live in the cities. I'm going to be a vet."

Dylan Steele - "I'm going to be a race car driver, four-wheeler, dirt bike driver. I'm going to own Casey's. I'm going to be friends with Zack 'til we're 70 or 80. I won't be married. No kids."

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